Intense Intercession.  Intense Teaching.  Intense Proclamation.  This is a story from one of our 2017 Intensives:

During the last Intensive, I was sharing the story of Jesus in the streets of our city (which borders Iran).  I wandered down a main street and saw two young Iranian men just ahead. I greeted them and gave them both the Gospel of John as a gift.  Both men were happy to receive the books and said that they have questions about this Gospel.  As we talked, one of them seemed especially thirsty for truth.

My new friends mentioned that they desired to visit a church, so I invited them to a service in the area that had Persian translation. Surprisingly, they both showed up for church that week!  The Holy Spirit continued to touch their lives throughout the music and preaching.

After the service, I turned to the man who was thirsty and asked, “Do you want to give your heart and life to Jesus?” He answered immediately, “Yes!” My heart rejoiced as we prayed together.

After we finished, I opened my eyes and noticed the other young man was smiling,

“While you were praying together, I prayed the same prayer.  I gave my heart and life to Jesus, too.”

It was a two-for-one miracle!  I was completely overwhelmed with joy.

Both of these young men were baptized that week and have since returned to Iran. We continue to stay in touch and disciple them as they begin to grow in their new relationship with Jesus.


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