“Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of Glory enter” ~ Psalm 24:7
Pray with us that King Jesus would move with his authority throughout Iran during this challenging Nowruz season (Iranian New Year).

““And he dreamed: … Yahweh was standing there beside him, saying, “I am Yahweh.”
Genesis 28:12,13 (HCSB)

Many Iranians who become followers of Christ have had a dream of vision of Jesus. He is truly walking through the land!

Parvin and her husband were asking questions about Jesus. They were hungry to know Him. Then, at 5:00 am one morning, Parvin dreamed she was at a gathering where a large table was set with food. Jesus was there welcoming her and someone put their hand on her head, but she couldn’t see who it was. When they awoke, Parvin and her husband were in awe!

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that hungry Iranians will have a dream or vision of Jesus
  • Pray for encounters with believers who can lead them to Jesus
  • Declare Yahweh is in Iran, moving among the people through supernatural revelation!

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