Intense Intercession.  Intense Teaching.  Intense Proclamation.  This is a story from one of our 2017 Intensives:

A few years ago, while attending a university outside of Iran, a young couple became believers in Jesus. When they felt the Lord leading them back to their home country of Iran, they obeyed.

Living in Iran after experiencing freedom in Christ proved to be incredibly challenging.  Day by day, depression and hopelessness pressed down on them.  It became difficult to read the Word. It was a challenge to respect one another and honor their marriage. They struggled to pray.

Just recently, this couple came to our country for a quick visit.  The Lord intersected our paths, and my wife and I were privileged to begin discipling and encouraging them.  They were refreshed in the Spirit and decided that they were willing to obey the Great Commission to share their faith in Jesus.  Just this week, we learned that they have since led three women to Salvation; they are asking us to pray as they disciple these ladies!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

-John 1:5




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