Intense Intercession.  Intense Teaching.  Intense Proclamation.  This is a story from one of our 2017 Intensives:

Two new friends and I walked towards a tourist attraction that draws many of the Iranians visiting our city. On the way, we met two young men from Iran who allowed us to share the Gospel story with them.  Their hunger and thirst for truth astounded us. We sat down at a coffee shop together and talked for a while.  One of the men repeatedly asked, “So what do I do? How should I pray?”

After we finished our coffee and wrapped up the conversation, we all moved on to a quaint, quiet park.  The five of us sat on the ground together and proclaimed the Name of Jesus, declaring in faith that believing in His Name would save our new friends from their sins.

One of the young men told us his gripping story, “Two weeks ago I was considering suicide.  I cried out to God and felt that I began to believe in Jesus at that time – I just didn’t know His Name.” 

We cried together as we listened to the heartfelt prayer of these Iranians to be saved them from the hopelessness of their sin.  The next day, they returned to Iran carrying the Bible in their own language, as well as the sweet Presence of Jesus.

“Pray that the guards will be blind and not see the books we carry!” they said in parting, “But no matter what, we will carry these books.”



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