Iranians are very aware of the dangers in becoming a follower of Jesus. They feel the government’s watchful eye and mistrust in their social circles. They understand the ramifications on family life that they would experience.

Iranians clearly know the reality of persecution even before they believe, and yet Jesus is so compelling that they willingly endure the risk and bear the cost.

What is the journey like for an Iranian coming to faith in Jesus? What are the mental roadblocks they overcome? And what is the one common denominator among most believing Iranians today?

This March on the blog, follow an Iranian family encountering Jesus.

Azad: Discovering Freedom is a fictional parable of the journey that many Iranians are on today. Though the characters are fictitious, they represent the generations in Iran who are walking this road to faith. It is our hope that this story will encourage you as you pray for Iran and also provide insight into the beautiful tapestry of Persian culture.

Over the coming weeks, you will learn about Farzin the father, Nayyar the mother, Sami the son, and Elham the daughter. All of them are on a journey.

Farzin means “learned.” Disillusioned by Islam, he has recently learned about the hope of Jesus. Could this be the answer he has been searching for? And how long will Farzin be able to keep his book of John a secret from his wife?

Nayyar’s name means “radiant,” yet she struggles daily under a cloud of depression. For relief, she looks to the sayings of her culture’s poets. Will Nayyar let go of the traditions of the past in order to gain the deliverance she desperately desires?

Sami means “high and exalted.” But although Sami is also disillusioned by Islam, he turns to his Zoroastrian roots. He believes knowledge will awaken goodness. He is only 24-years-old, but even so, Sami’s friends look to him for leadership. His increased voice of influence bolsters his ego. Will Sami remain blinded to his own pride?

Elham’s name is perhaps the most prophetic as it means “inspiration” and “revelation.” What happens to so many Iranians has happened to her: she had a dream of Jesus that completely changed her perspective. Will this 14-year-old have the courage to share her dream with her mother?

We invite you to follow along with the Azad family as they discover true “Azad”: freedom.


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