Dear Prayer Advocates for Live Dead Iran,

Thank you for your diligence to labor in prayer for Iranians to know and experience HOPE through Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we saw a huge tour bus empty into a hotel in our city that was FULL of Iranian guests.  They are flooding into our city to celebrate their New Year (Nowruz) on March 20. Just this week, we welcomed five eager and humble interns who have come to help us with this incredible season of outreach to Iran.

Please pray for March 7 – 17: This is a time of training our interns, intense prayer and intercession, and a time of building team unity with faith. We would appreciate a covering of health over our interns and team as the hours of sleep will be less than optimal during these days. Also, the Holy Spirit often does a deep work within the messenger, preparing him to be used by God. Please pray for our humility and openness to let God work.

Please pray for March 18 – 31: This will be a fruitful time of sharing on the streets and meeting Iranians who are ready to follow Jesus. Pray for fearless joy for our team and interns as we boldly engage with Iranian tourists and guide the conversation to the Gospel. Pray for the Holy Spirit to hover over Iranian hearts, bearing witness to their spirit that what we share is the truth. Pray that Jesus will be known and experienced as the Savior of the world.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead them into new life through the resurrection of Jesus. Pray that God would be known as the PRESENT GOD OF HOPE.


Baptisms – We believe that when a person believes in Jesus they should immediately follow Him by obeying His command to be baptized. This brings great joy and we cannot wait to share with you in the many testimonies that will pour in!

Households – We believe Jesus wants to save entire families. Pray that entire households will come to faith during this Nowruz season.

Cleansing and New Life – Nowruz represents a time of cleansing and new life for Iranians. Pray for the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus and the New Life that comes through His resurrection to flow in our streets!

Hope – As always, we focus on Hope in Jesus. Iranians live in a day after day, hopeless existence. They bring their pain with them on their holiday. When we meet them, we desire them to know and experience Hope. Our hearts burn within us at the urgency we feel for this people and their homeland. Join us in praying for Hope for Iran!

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