Intense Intercession.  Intense Teaching.  Intense Proclamation.  This is one worker’s story from a 2016 Intensive.


We turned out of our apartment building and passed the little playground, just like every other day.   However, that day, a headscarf caught our attention. Based on the headscarf style, we recognized that the lady underneath was Iranian.   As her 2-year-old son played on the slide, we walked over and tried to strike up a conversation.

Quickly, we realized that the lady’s limited English and our even more limited Farsi would be a barrier to further communication. With a smile and some hand gestures, we gave her a coloring book for her son and a Gospel of John.   Before we left, we asked if we could take a picture (thank goodness picture taking hand motions are universal). She went to her phone, pulled up Google Translate, and typed that she wanted to get her husband for the picture. As she went to get her husband, we realized that Google Translate would be a great way to talk further with her. Why hadn’t we thought of that before?

The lady came back without her husband, typing that the elevator was stuck. As we waited for her husband, I entertained her adorable little boy and my partner had a ‘conversation’ with her via Google. She mentioned that she enjoyed studying religions and was excited to receive the Gospel.

When we eventually left the family, my partner and I marveled how God used technology to open the door for a deeper conversation about Jesus. All we had to do was start the conversation in faith.


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