Intense Intercession.  Intense Teaching.  Intense Proclamation.  This is a story from one of our 2017 Intensives:


Five years ago in Iran, a young man was watching a Christian program on TV. A pastor on the program invited watchers to pray a prayer with him. Suddenly, the young man felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, fell to the ground, and could not move for 10 minutes. He was convinced that he had experienced the power of God. That one moment set him on a mission to find a Bible and a Christian in Iran.  He searched for 5 years but couldn’t find a Bible or a Christian.

This March during Nowruz (Iranian New Year holiday), the young man’s father went on vacation to a city outside of Iran.  During his time abroad, the father met a follower of Jesus who gave him a Christian tract and the Gospel of John. Within these materials was a phone number that people could call if they wanted to learn more about Jesus.

When the young man’s father returned to Iran, he immediately gave these materials to his son. The young man rejoiced as he called the number and gave his heart and life to Jesus. Jesus has transformed this young man, and he is now growing daily in his discipleship journey.



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