El·ham (noun) – inspiration

Elham inhaled deeply as she floated into a bright, white cloud. She felt weightless and fearless.  In fact, for the first time in her life she felt… peace. When she inhaled again, a fragrance of incense floated toward her. Someone was coming.

He was radiant with a honey gold light, and she instinctively knew that He was the source of the fragrance, too. As He drew near, a sense of vulnerability welled up within her.

He is God, she thought in awe.

She tried to bow but could not move.  His eyes captivated her, arresting her in their beauty, and she could not look away.  He gazed at her – communicating to her and pressing upon her some meaning that she could not comprehend.

What are you trying to tell me? She wondered.  It grieved her that she could not find the words.

But then, out of nowhere, she knew.  Love, she realized. He loves me. Elham could have cried but for the joy that filled her heart.  Never had she known how much she longed to be loved.  And never had she known that God could love her despite all her imperfections.

As Elham memorized His intense eyes, she realized that He seemed curiously familiar. I know You, she thought. You are Jesus, the prophet who heals. 

“Yes,” He said with a Voice that surged through her. “I am He.”

The Man reached out His hand to place it on her head.  She saw a jagged scar on His palm, and noticed that the beautiful fragrance was dripping from it like oil. When He placed His hand on her head, warmth flowed from His touch.  The beauty of the moment pierced her heart. She did not know how much more she could stand of this warmth, this fragrance, this love.

“Why do You love me?” She asked in a choked whisper.

“Because I made you,” was His simple answer.


Elham’s eyes flew open.  The quiet, everyday sounds of her familiar life rushed back into her consciousness: women’s chatter, crackling plastic bags of food, the distant roar of vehicles rushing past the Shrine. Elham was kneeling on her prayer rug, but she was still aware of the Presence of the Man from her vision. The holy fragrance she had experienced lingered in the air.  What just happened!? Elham’s spirit cried. But she had no time to find answers; her mother’s quick step interrupted her.

“Elham? Daughter?” Her mother eagerly ed her stand. “What happened? Why did you kneel so long?”

Oh how Elham wanted to share the vision she had seen! But how could she explain the touch of His hand, the gold light that went before Him, and the fragrant oil that dripped from His scars? How could she possibly describe the love she saw in His eyes?

“I… I do not know”, skirted Elham, “I have seen a vision, and I will tell you soon… But please allow me to think and recover.” This answer seemed to satisfy her mother.

Elham’s mother guided her past the people hovering near the tomb of the buried Imam. They still waited for healing, some even reached their hands in hope of touching the gold window. How futile it all seemed now! That tomb was nothing compared with His golden light!  When she remembered the hand of Jesus on her head, she knew with certainty that He was the true source of healing.

Elham thought of her mother’s depression and how she longed for relief from the hopelessness.

“How was your time of prayer, mother?” Elham tentatively asked.

A new expression came to her mother’s face, “I am not sure, but I feel there may be hope after all.” Then she glanced at Elham, “And I am encouraged by you, my daughter.  I believe you are becoming very spiritual.  You do not know how much happiness it brings me to know there is one in our family who is on the right path. Perhaps God has decided that you shall have special insight.”  Her mother patted Elham’s back as she ended her speech.

Indeed, thought Elham, but what will you say when I share that insight – when I tell you that Jesus is the One who can heal your depression? When I tell you that Jesus is … God!?


How Can We Pray?

As Elham’s name suggests, she has been inspired to believe that Jesus is God.  There are several catalysts that propel Iranians towards Jesus Christ.  One of these key factors is a direct revelation from God in a vision or dream.  When people have such a powerful encounter with Jesus, they can no longer deny His divinity.  Please pray that more Iranians would:

  • Experience undeniable dreams and visions of Jesus
  • Receive the healing power of the Savior
  • Come to the realization that Jesus is God


Chapter 5


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