Intense Intercession.  Intense Teaching.  Intense Proclamation.  This is one worker’s story from a 2016 Intensive.


Admittedly, we were sightseeing. The churches in this area of the world are simply stunning. There are centuries of history in the old stonewalls. My friend and I were walking through – slowly, prayerfully, in awe of God’s transcendent holiness.

As we walked through, my friend and I realized that we had gotten a little distracted from our original goal of sharing the Gospel with Iranians. We walked out of the church, and an Iranian man approached us. He asked us why the church was open on a Thursday and not Sunday.  It was his understanding that the churches in Europe and America are open on Sunday while Muslims have their holy day on Friday.

“Are you a Muslim?” I asked, and he responded, “Yes, I am.” Then, we began a lengthy conversation about Jesus.  His understanding was limited, but I gave him a Gospel of John and a Jesus film. He glanced at them but tried to give them back to us.

He motioned with his finger across his throat, signifying that he and his friends could be killed for having these materials.  Even so, I could see in his eyes that he wanted the Gospel.

I urged him to take them, saying that we would pray fervently for him. We would pray that the materials wouldn’t be discovered when he crossed into Iran the following day.  He accepted the Gospel materials.

As our conversation came to a close, he asked if we would record something for his daughter on his phone. My friend and I greeted her and shared a portion of the Gospel message in the recording.

God is so faithful. Even when we were sightseeing, He used that church to introduce us to a man open to the Gospel.

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