Catch a glimpse behind the scenes, written by one of our on-the-ground team members:

I’m always amazed by God’s Holy Spirit during times of sharing the Gospel.  Today, our team did not rush through prayer.  We took the time to prepare our hearts for sharing the Gospel on the streets of our city. As we prayed, it seemed that the Holy Spirit was praying through us and that truly, God was preparing the soil of Iranians’ hearts to receive the Gospel seed.

Some of the prayers expressed this morning were detailed: “Lord, intersect our paths with people who know English so that we can give them a verbal presentation of the Gospel and not just a Farsi track.” We prayed, “Lord, let those who are considering suicide find hope tonight as we share,” and “Lord, may Iranians leave at this moment from their hotels to make their way exactly to the tourist spots where we will meet.”

As our team gathered this morning, we shared testimonies of last night’s endeavors.  We learned that one group met an Iranian couple at an out-of-the-way park where they felt led to walk.  A man considering suicide ended the evening on his knees with tears of joy as he gave his heart to Jesus.  Two groups met English speakers and were able to share the Gospel verbally with many Bible stories and illustrations.

Again and again, it is evident that the Great Commission is a work the Holy Spirit loves to partner with, rest upon, and empower.  He is the leader, He convicts the world of sin, and He extends His powerful love.


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