Take a prayer walk with us through nine cities of Iran. We will highlight for you the physical dynamic of water and its correlated spiritual meaning. We look to the Source of living water to fill the thirsty hearts of Iranians this Nowruz season!


Shiraz is a beautiful, cultural center of Iran. A generous portion of the city is covered in gardens, with sparkling fountains and pools being the focal point. The most famous bagh is Eram Garden. In Persian, it means “Garden of Paradise.” Sound familiar? Paradise is etched on the hearts of Iranians. They know they were made for it.

And the LORD God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed. (Genesis 2:8)

Let’s linger by the coolness of the pool in Eram Garden and pray over the people of Shiraz.

“Jesus, You are the Source of living water which brings eternal life. We pray that in the community of Shiraz, a spiritual community of faith would sprout forth. Jesus, may living water flow from deep within people, saturating the entire region of Shiraz with truth and life.

May they see You as the refreshing, restful garden their hearts long for, and the Master Gardener who is recrafting Paradise in soil of their hearts.”

Prayer Points

  • Praise Jesus as the Source of true life.
  • For a community of faith in Jesus to sprout forth because of the Source, Jesus.
  • That this community of believers will spread the good news of Jesus, transforming the thirsty hearts.
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