Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, is just around the corner. This is the most beautiful of seasons as Iranians flood our city and hear the gospel message for the first time. In preparation for these powerful upcoming weeks, we focus our prayers on Iranian hearts. There are many different “soils” represented in Iran. Lets believe the Lord will prepare …

The Parched Heart-Soil

There are places in Iran where the soil is so parched it forms a hard resistance to receiving moisture. Even if it rains the water will quickly run off, soon to be evaporated.

Iranian hearts are spiritually parched as well. Even though they thirst and search for the water of truth, it their spirits will not receive it and the truth quickly “evaporates”. The religion of Islam forms a choking fear of God and leaves an ache for love so real it almost blinds them to the darkness that cloaks itself in light. The philosophies of New Age and self-idolatry are sought out and experimented with in the thirst for love and peace.

An Iranian couple’s story

We remember the night well. Our Christian friends led us through the scriptures of the Injil (New Testament) and we felt love as we sat in their home. Their smiles were gentle and genuine. But we were disappointed when they mentioned sin and the need for change. Isn’t that what we were doing? Changing?

We tried to explain our self-improvement efforts, hoping this would please them. We told them about our yoga guru and how his teachings were also about love. Why, then, did their faces fall when we excitedly told them we would be with our guru this night?

Yet that very night, we were the surprised ones our Hindu guru’s words became like sawdust; useless and dry. At the same time, we remembered the words of Jesus. They were like water; quenching and life-giving! It was then we began to truly receive the truth of Jesus; like water to our parched souls.


  • Pray that hearts thirsty for love would be protected against the deception of new age philosophy and self-improvement idolatry
  • Pray the gospel would not roll off or evaporate, but be received as the true love of God
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